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Facials - Love a Facial...

Restore your skins inner glow.

Soothing - Camomile & Lavender

Nourishing - Orchid & Ginseng

Balancing - Orange Blossom & Ginger

Your face will be cleansed, exfoliated, massaged, mask applied whilst you enjoy a hand or foot massage, toned and moisturised - £40.00, 1 hour

Spa Therapies...absolute bliss..!

Soothing Body Wraps - £38.00, 50mins

You will receive a light dry skin body brushing to exfoliate dead skin cells and encourage the growth of new. Warmed oils are drizzled over your body and massaged in with soothing massage strokes. You turn over and these steps are repeated. You are then wrapped up and covered with a warm blanket. While the warm oils soak in to relax and moisturise your skin you will receive a soothing face and scalp massage. There is no need to shower afterwards.

Revitalising Body Scrubs - £38.00, 50mins

Your skin will be dry brushed first, moistened and the scrub applied. Warm water and mitts are used to remove it. Finally a rich shea body butter scented with essential oils is lightly massaged in to leave your skin feeling soft and moisturised.

Back Treatment - £44.00, 50mins

Many people suffer from problem skin on the back. Back purification is essentially a deep cleanse facial for the back which can help alleviate problem skin conditions by removing congestion, cleansing pores, soothing redness and hydrating dry skin. Benefits can include improved skin condition, fewer blemishes and increased hydration.